Saturday, 24 March 2012

Words of Apache's new Battle Brother

Brother Arius' of the Blood Ravens will soon be joining Killteam Apache. In preparation here is a report on a previous action he undertook. Use this to learn about his qualities and his temperament.

This opens another 500 Exp. for all members of Killteam Apache!
Spend it wisely in the Emperors name

Arius' first mission with the death watch was a clean-up mission on the planet of Catay 7. The forces of the imperium had recently fought off a minor Tyranid splinter fleet. The Death Watch were contacted to ensure that the planet was free of the xenos taint and to assess any further threat. Arius had just been recruited into kill team Rarner. Initially it seemed that all was left on the planet was the corpses of xenos scum.

Day 3 of patrols Kill team Rarner were instructed to search through a large forest located in an isolated area on the planet which may conceal any xenos threat. Initial investigation of the forest suggested that no such threat was present. As the Kill team entered the centre of the forest a chill came over the kill team, a huge clearing had been created, trees uprooted and the soil had been turned as if some creature had been burrowing in this area. "This looks like a Maloc burrow!" Suddenly the ground erupted and a huge Tyranid beast emerged, a Mawlock. It rose up and emitted a scream which even to the space marines felt like shards of glass in their ear drums. The creature turned its filthy head to the kill team squad. "Disband" Screamed Arius, run into the forest. Arius heard the sounds of bones being crushed as the mangled body of Septan, devastator marine, flew ahead of him hitting a tree. Arius ran knowing that he stood no chance of fighting the creature on his own. He ran further the death cries of his filling his ears somehow he would revenge them. Through the trees Arius could make out what looked like a storage warehouse. Arius felt the ground beneath him rumble a sign that the Maloc was burrowing beneath him. Arius activated his jump pack launching himself in to the air and landed on the roof of the warehouse below he saw the beast circling having no means of reaching Arius.

Arius knew that any way of defeating the creature was inside the warehouse, he unsheathed his chain sword: Wing of the Raven. He activated the blade and cut through the roof it was a difficult but his keen chain sword made short work of the ferrocrete. Arius dropped down into the warehouse, it was deserted. The facility was clearly a temporary facility dropped on to the planet from altitude to provide vehicles for fighting troops. This particular facility held a number of rhinos and razorbacks, nothing Arius could make use of alone. There was also a large amount of promethium tanks. Arius looked round the room suddenly something in the corner caught his eye. Walking over he found a sheet adorned with the sigil of the white scars chapter. Arius pulled the sheet away to uncover a space marine bike, obviously heavily modified but still a fine specimen of imperial engineering. A plan formulated in Arius' mind, "Idea" he whispered.

A Tyranid organism is a complicated thing without the presence of a hive mind lesser Tyranid creatures are lost and enter a predatory state, a creature the size of a Maloc however is not so afflicted yet their senses will be dulled slightly. The creature circled the area it had last caught a scent, a scent which was there but hidden. Suddenly the facilities doors opened, Arius, sat upon the bike, whispered a brief prayer then pumped the throttle, the bike surged forward.

As soon as wheel met soil the ground rumbled. The Maloc, having regained the scent, gave chase. The modifications made to the bike had clearly made it faster than the standard template construct.

The forest seemed endless. Arius rode through the trees, behind him he heard the same trees uproot and crash to the ground as the Mawlock moved underground, leaving a mount on the earth above. Arius looked behind to see the distance between he and the xenos creature, turning back he saw a large hole in the path ahead of him. Arius had a split second; he increased the bikes and jumped over the gap. He landed hard. "CRAP" shouted Arius the extra promethium tanks that Arius had mag fitted to the side of the bike juddered threateningly, by the grace of the emperor they did not ignite. The Maloc navigated round the hole with an alarming dexterity. Arius realised that he needed to create a larger distance between him and the beast. Arius noticed a button on the handle bar etched with a lightening symbol. The bike surged forward by some unknown chemical reaction. Looking behind Arius saw he had the space he required.

 He unsheathed his chain sword and stabbed it into the ground. Holding tightly to the handle he spun the bike round 180 degrees so he was face to face with the snarling jaws of the Maloc. The seconds felt like minutes as the repugnant eyes of the Maloc met Arius' steely gave. Then they charged.

Arius had been waiting for this opportunity; he removed a frag grenade from his belt and jammed it in between the bike chassis and the fuel pipe. He maintained his path till he was within a meter of the beast’s mouth. He could practically smell its foul odour.

Bike met beast. The bike entered the beast’s mouth, the frag grenade exploded as did the temporary promethium tanks. The beast was torn apart in the explosion.

Arius had left his motorised steed, activating his jump pack seconds before the collision, and he rose above the forest canopy. Upon landing he searched the forest none of his brothers had survived the beasts attack.

Defeat of such a beast earned Arius a great honours within the death-watch, such a triumph earned Arius a place with the equally prestigious kill team apache still mourning the death of assault marine Kain.

And so the story continues.........

Monday, 19 March 2012

Tau Forces Sighted

So apologies for the long period since the last post. Some solid progress has been made setting out the upcoming Deathwatch adventure, The Greatest Good. I hope to put Kill Team Apache up against a greater challenge this time around, be prepared for a fight! Welcome to Brother Marcus, comment was appreciated.

Alongside the rest of the Fire Warrior squad and their commander these brave fellows have now submitted for undercoating.

Simon's work on Brother Arius has also progressed, he found a better (more modern) set of legs so has got the pose the player wants now.
Brother Arius soon to be of the Blood Ravens
Finally we've spent some time getting characters updated.
Currently Completed:

  • Brother Tiberius
  • Brother Alatar
  • Brother Marcus
Brother Makradon has received another 500exp. to spend and Brother Arius is nearing completion.
I've made contact with Brother Anders and hope he can contact Simon for updating soon.

So as said, sorry about the long delay but worry not. Things have been happening.

Friday, 2 March 2012

The Greatest Good

+++ Attached Briefing +++
+++ Kill-Team Apache +++
+++ Mission: KillerTeam +++
+++ Security Level: Gamma-Omega-Delta-Epsilon-Psi +++
+++ Thought of the day: Duty Prevails. +++

Killteam Apache's new Mission Brief is now available on the Ordo Xenos information portal.

Gird yourselves!

+++ Update: +++
+++ Target Image Acquired +++
Shas Gal in action against the Achilles Crusade on  Meniachus