Monday, 12 November 2012

It's been a while, but...

Been a busy month here in Norway.
Little Sebastian had his Christening
 and his first Halloween.

So hobby time has been thin on the ground. Here is a little summary of the progress that has been made though:
The Kernewek Guard received their first Heavy Weapons Teams

Some entrenched for suppressing fire.

Others on the run to rear shot Land Raiders.
In training for #ForgeWorldOnly, MkVI's from the bits box.

The real action has been going on at the hands of Brother (Captain) Tiberius, a new member for his Deathwatch Killteam.

A unit of Bloodletters to become allies for a CSM army.

And the first unit for the CSM army of his, the Adherents of the Dragon (catchy name) have been built and painted.

He even detailed how he's done most of the work on the Adherents in case anyone else wants to join his rusty, Dark Mecanicum loving badasses.

Brass work:
Base Coat Scorched Brown/Rhinox Hide
Layer Tin Bitz/Warp lock Bronze
Layer Rune Lord Brass
Wash Badab Black/Nuln Oil
Highlight Mithril Silver/Runefang Steel

Blades and Horns:
Base Coat Chaos Black
Dry Brush Blood Red
Dry Brush Blazing Orange
Highlight Fortress Grey
Glaze Blood Letter

Purity Seal

Base Graveyard Earth/Steel Legion Drab rim and grass/sand flock mix.

Please let me know what you think of these models, Tiberius would love to read any comments I'm sure. Plus I'd like to know if people like the idea of the occasional guest spot from friends of mine, and if so how should they be done? Should I get people to write a piece themselves? Do you want lots of pics or plenty of text?