Saturday, 27 September 2014

New Look Blog

If anyone here remembers the blog from before then they'll see the difference clearly. Firstly I've dropped the Inquisitor Drake name for Drake Poldragon, this is to mark the change from being very 40k focused to more about what I'm doing within the much larger hobby. I've also gone for a lighter and more earthy colour scheme, again to pull away from the gothic dark past of the blog.

I'm hoping to include a much wider range of topics now, including the board games. I play and more of the background modelling I do. Terrain, gaming table, Dungeons and Dragons, the works. I hope people enjoy the blog, I'd love comments. I hope I can pull off a more regular posting schedule and turn my little corner of the hobby into something others can also enjoy.

Inquisitor Drake signing off. Welcome Drake Poldragon.