Sunday, 27 July 2014

Bolt Action - A Forray into WWII Gaming

Hey, long time no see. So it's back to the blog for me, inspired by a new game Bolt Action.

I'm going to try and record the forming of my British Commando force. Hopefully with a bit of motivation behind me I'll even keep some decent level of posting here, maybe a few Dark Angel posts too.

Now here are a few pics of my first couple of games. My friend Hannes and I played a couple of 500 point games last week. My Commandos still haven't arrived so I was using the Assault on Normandy US Infantry against Hannes' German force. The Stug was scary...
Pinned down by a Stug.

The US Infantry advance.

The US Ranger sniper gets the German Officer in his sights
500 points of SS.