Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mission Report: The Greatest Good Good

Mission Complete.
Yesterday we all gathered at Warhammer World at 09:45am to finally play Deathwatch. Here are a few photos of the day just to help capture it's awesomeness.

The Killteam equiped themselves at Watch Fortress Erioch and travelled to their destination by Strike Cruiser. After a Drop Pod landing they approached the Tau research base and swiflty completed their primary mission.

First Stealth Suit Tau ambushed Apache
And then Fire Warriors layed down a heavy barrage
whilst the Marines were distracted

The Commander arrived at the end of the encounter,
but guile and psychic powers quickly downed him.

Warhammer World allowed us to borrow some of Forge Worlds Zone Mortalis for the Killteams journey through a Necron Tomb on the hunt for 'The Stealth' a chaos warband that were also on the planet.

Killteam Apache rescued Ultramarine Felignum from the Tau.

The missions final battle culminated against a Necron Lord - Deadly!

I had an absolutely excellent day and found all of the preparation (not as much as there should have been) to be worth it. Thank you very much to the Bugman's Bar staff for great service and food all day and the Warhammer World staff who sold me a ton of new Empire products and letting us use scenery to enhance our game. Most of all however thank you to the five fantastic players who joined me yesterday to form Killteam Apache. Start preparing for next year!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

One Week Till Mission Commencement!

That's is it, only one week to go now until we descend upon Warhammer World and Killteam Apache descends upon the planet of Usra. As the killteam is currently located at Watch Fortress Erioch itself finalisation of equipment will be able to wait until the last moment.

Simon has completed all figures for the Mission and they look great, however I'm only going to tease you with this image...
Full points for identifying all members.
Just to confirm we are meeting at Warhammer World on Saturday, April 7th M03 at 09:45. Warhammer World opens at 10:00 and Games Workshop is relaunching its entire paint range on the same day. I think we can expect it to be quite busy, at least in the hall and shop so we need to be ready to occupy our table!