Monday, 12 August 2013

#speedpaint Sunday 11th August 2013

Yesterday @fantasticgam3s (of & @PVasiljevic on Twitter ran a speedpainting contest. People the world over entered, picking a two hour slot at some point through the day and getting a model from undercoated to showing off.

I recomend anyone to do a search on Twitter for the #speedpaint and checking out what everyone has managed. Here is the Big Meks's page with all of the enteries in the end, . Following are some images of my own Ravenwing VeteranSergent Amariel. I'll chuck in a shot of @MyLuLei's Tombking, as she and @jim_1284 kept me company for my two hours over Skype. 
 ~ two hours ~ 

And from me. 

After the first 45 mins

13 mins to go...

And the desperate last monts have passed. :)

Here are some fancy shots.