Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Killteam Apache Construction & Blog Updating

OK, excitingly for me one of my players has taken the task of preparing models on himself. Simon made a few of the Killteam figures for last years game and has now started building a new Marine to take the place of fallen Brother Kain.

Brother Arius' player requested an Assault Marine of the Blood Ravens in a pose similar to the Sanguinor, here are the results so far.

 Simon has quite a task ahead getting these old biker legs to bulk up to current Marine torso sizes but is off to a great start. In his spare time he has also installed a Bionic arm on Brother Alatar of the Dark Angels to replace the one lost during The Depths of Atonement last year.

This blog is now month old today, and last night passed 1000 views. Many of them have come from Ordo-Xenos.com but many more are from all around the world so thank you to everyone who has read this. I really appreciate anyone taking their time to look on here and would love to get feedback on the posts I've been making. The Intro Story for example was the first part of fiction I've ever really written and I'd love to hear if it sucked or if it got some sort of feeling across? From the members of Killteam Apache I'd especially like to hear about their thoughts on it and views on the upcoming game.

I'm also now contacting a couple of blog networks that I enjoy to feature Inquisitor Drake to hopefully get a few more people looking here and not leaving only poor Brother Tiberius to comment alone. The Shell Case Alliance & The 40k n00b are both great blogs that lead communities of other great blogs so here's hoping the accept me.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Brother Alatar - Personal Log

Well, Brother Alatar of Killteam Apache has submitted a mission log. That is great news for him as he has been rewarded an extra 1000 Exp. to spend before the up coming mission. It's good news for the rest of the Killteam also however, as you all receive an extra 500 Exp.

So I implore you all to submit to me via the vox-network some form of detailed information. Everyone who does will also receive the full 1000 Exp. bonus whilst also providing an additional 500 to each other member of the Killteam.

Suggestions for what you may submit follow:
A Mission Log covering a Killteam action since The Depths of Atonement
A Mission Log from your time within your own chapter
A Personal Log describing an important event for your character
Another written piece of your suggestion

Personal Log – regarding outpost Alpha 1347 recapture.

It happened so fast, but then that’s the way it should. Speed is always necessary. There were twelve of us, 10 bikes and two speeders. In we sped in tight formation, our black battle armour and winged helmets striking fear into the weak minded orks. It should have been so simple, but we were just unaware of the danger. The orks had attacked the outpost, our job was simple; recapture it.

The ground sped past the orks moved into a defensive formation and grouped themselves together. The fools, it would be so easy. Multiple missiles left their enclosures and the orks doom was assured. My head burst in pain, my hand slipped from the throttle and my speeder slowed. I didn’t know it at the time but psychic forces had been unleashed. The missiles struck a strange barrier and exploded. Unable to stop my squad collided with the barrier, the explosions from the missiles still fresh. My battle brothers were extinguished in the blink of an eye. I was only saved by luck and lack of momentum. With the orks laughing I leapt from my crashing speeder. I landed neatly and trained my bolter on the first ork. It died with a bolt through its forehead. My speeder careened into the side of their group killing six or so more. Roughly a dozen remained but I wasn’t as alone as I thought. A battle brother was striding out of the outpost towards me. I had never seen this brother before but he was a fellow Dark Angel, but not from a unit i recognized. We had them flanked, they would soon be destroyed.

We both closed on the orks and I drew my bolter. My fellow brother levelled his bolter and we both fired. My shot was true and ripped the shoulder from an ork. His bolt missed the orks and hit my bolter and was knocked clean out of my hand. What ill fortune was upon us? It was then that I heard it, my battle brother was issuing commands, TO THE ORKS!. “Finish him” he said and the orks closed in. Had he fallen to chaos? What was going on? I grasped the only thing I could find, a rough branch. I swung at the orks and again, screaming “In the name of the Emperor I smite you” My head exploded in
pain, a blue sheen appeared around the branch and fire erupted forth from its tip. A cone of fire like a flamer shot out and burned the orks to a crisp. The fallen brother just laughed and retrieved something from the floor. He mounted a bike and drew level with me.
The sound was glorious, several krak missiles were inbound and moving in fast behind were two members of the Deathwing in their terminator armour. The fallen brother extended his arm, again there was pain in my head, and the strange barrier reappeared. The missiles exploded. “We will meet again” were his final words and he sped off. My injuries got the better of me and I collapsed. The Brothers of Deathwing retrieved me and my fallen companions.

I sometimes wish I had died there and then, to live with the shame of what I have now been told about Luther and the fallen will be hard. But it appears that I am still useful to Emperor and Dark Angels alike; I have Psychic powers and, while recovering, have been trained as a librarian. I am to be initiated later today into the Deathwing and will hunt down these fallen angels until they are destroyed or I draw my last breath. But before I go and join the first company I have been asked to report to Inquisitor Drake Pendragon, who is he and what does he want?

Remember: To Forget is to Forgive, Never Forget!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"A Classic Greyhawk Adventure"

Last night I joined a Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 campaign. The DM, an old friend and one of the players in my Deathwatch campaign had asked me if I was interested in joining their new group over Skype and I jumped at the chance. I hadn't played any D&D since our 4th ed. adventure/party fell apart shortly after completing Keep on the Shadowfell (H-1) when it was new. Now some of the old group along with a younger generation had got together and were going up against the original AD&D module T-1 with a 3.5 shine to it. They had cleared the moat house and got underway to the temple as I joined them.

In a blaze of raw combat prowess and polyhedral good fortune the party was introduced to one Steffen Hawk, Paladin of Heironeous. As you can imagine the party rogue was overjoyed.

All in all the group seems great and after five hours of dungeon crawling and illusion fearing we found a safe bolt hole, dinged (Lvl. 5), killed a par of 9th level villains and, I hope, became a party of six.

Steffen, a human found himself allying with:
Talin, an elf mage who wants to learn to control flames.
Lokken, a human barbarian with a prelude to bad fortune.
Mathryn, a human monk with a mighty beard.
Aelidia, an elf rogue of great beauty and deviousness.
Teal, a gnome druid and his mongrel companion.

As a bonus during the game I also got some nice base coating done on my prototype Artscale Grey Knight.
Plenty of tidying up before he is even base coated properly. 
But as a concept I am liking it more and more.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

PC's Exp. & Renown Rewards

Brothers of the Deathwatch, you have fought, you have suffered and you have returned victorious. Whilst Brothers Alatar and Makradon have both been rehabilitated and augmented with bionics all of Killteam Apache have more to offer than they did as they set out towards Atonement a year ago.

Brother Tiberius: 2000 exp + 1000 exp for Mission Log Submitted. Rank 1 Skills only. Renown: Respected
   Brother Tiberius is to be assigned the rank of Captain (Junior) of the Deathwatch.

Brother Markus: 2000 exp. Rank 1 Skills only. Renown: Respected

Brother Makradon: 2000 exp. Rank 1 Skills only. Renown: Respected
   Brother Makradon has received bionic replacements for his injured cranium, this includes a augury array and targeting enhancement features.

Brother Alatar: 3500 exp. Rank 2 Skills only. Renown: Initiated
   Brother Alatar's left arm has been replaced with a bionic equivalent allowing him to regain all of his former capabilities.

Brother Anders: 2000 exp. Rank 1 Skills only. Renown: Respected

The passing of Brother Kain on the planet of Atonement left Killteam Apache short for a period of time, although the Dark Angels' injuries needing medical care meant they were non-operational for a period anyway. Kain's posistion has now been filled by Brother Arius of the Blood Ravens.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Intro Story 7

And here ends the tale, I hope you are all ready for a new mission.
Ordo Xenos.com now has a complete version of this story titled The Secrets of the vault and a new sorry by Scribe Rippin.

Scribe Rippin has documented one of the battles fought by Ultramarine Squad Ferinates whilst still led by Sergeant Tiberius now of Killteam Appache. Mission Ba'Throom

The young man strode across the small secluded docking bay’s metal plated floor towards the sleek and fragile looking black ship. He’d taken the time before this meeting to arrange for all the security monitoring this section of Erioch Fortress to be disabled and all staff to be scheduled elsewhere within the station. He was to be alone with the courier, and no one was to know about what transpired. He stopped by the side of the vessel ad waited whilst the ramp descended. ‘By the Emperor let this work.’ He thought as with a mild creaking sound the ramp locked in place and down it came a cautious, armoured figure. Lithe and on edge she held herself with a natural grace and poise that could only disguise no eradicate her uncertain wariness.

The man ahead of her was no Space Marine like she encountered on the Yngirbane world, this man was Mon-Keigh but seemingly non-perturbed by her alien status. He was cloaked in a aura of calm and assuredness, the kind that hung about the seers of her craftworld Banshees before a battle was joined. She couldn’t explain why but his calm alongside her only added to her worry.

“You bring that which Harvin asked me to care for?” The Inquisitor asked gently, trying to set the Eldar woman at ease with use of the Eldar’s own archaic tongue. “As the favour has been asked no others of my home or order know of this meeting. I shall hide that which you bear and bring it forth only when it is needed.” He approached her openly with arms held out showing a willingness to take a burden.

As the Mon-Keigh spoke her own tongue Lenara relaxed slightly. “I fear you know more of my duty than I do.” Her voice was gentle and incredibly light seeming even for one of her slight stature. ‘Perhaps this man can be trusted, he speaks of those who I know and seems to aid them.’ “I do have a package for you, and I would be grateful if you took it so as I may leave this alien place.” She pulled from her satchel the bulky metal container she had taken from the Marine hoping that the man ahead of her would not realize that she had killed to get it.

Raising his hands forward the man grasped the Imperial designed containment unit and watched the Eldar woman slump to the ground in front of him. Grateful that the task had been this easy he attached the containment unit to his belt as he ejected the used charge to his Jokero digital weapon. There was ways he could pass the vessel and body to certain arms of the Adeptus Mechanicus without it becoming known to many, he mused on this as he headed into the Fortress.

Standing at the doors to the Omega Vault Inquisitor Drake marvelled again at the scope of humanities endeavour within the Jericho Reach. As the doors opened themselves on his arrival he walked in to the antechamber, this time a door opened where before Drake had seen only a wall and his path through the Vaults was new to him. Arriving at a chamber with a pedestal standing ready to receive the containment unit he carried. Alongside the pedestal was an archaic looking dataslate that activated as Drake approached. On it flashed a word over an image of a green looking planet.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Intro Story 6

Coming this weekendis the last part of the introduction story for Easters game of Deathwatch. Along with that I'm going to be putting out Experience & Renown information for you guys to start preparing your character sheets. To that end can anyone who doesn't still have a pdf copy of their sheet saved to the computer let me know so we can get you up to scratch with where you finished last time.

Lenara was honoured at having been chosen by Eldrad himself for this task, although his final word still sat in her mind, stopping her from enjoying the freedom of her ride too much. Then her memories were brushed aside as she saw an ugly boxy vessel careening towards the planets crystalline surface. Something so utilitarian and graceless could only be a Mon-Keigh ship, and its descent meant Eldrad’s premonition was coming to pass. Leaning forward in her jetbike saddle Lenara headed towards the ships destination.

From a couple of kilometres away Lenara saw the ship impact, sending shards of the planet up as it skidded over land slowly digging in. The spider web of cracks in the barren grey terrain reached out beyond her jetbike beneath her as she closed in. Lowering her speed for cautions sake Lenara felt fortune on her side as the ships primitive reactor engines didn’t explode killing her along with its occupants. Pulling up besides the black wreckage she donned her bone coloured helmet to fend off the smoke billowing up and around the mass of twisted, torn and molten metals and dismounted her jetbike.

Her search of the wreckage was interrupted by a rumble and a screech of metal. Turning to the sound she saw a piece of what was once a ships bulkhead thrown aside by a giant black suit of battle armour. Larger and more lumbering than anything Eldar made it raised its free metallic looking left arm wielding a savage chain blade. Lacking the finesse and delicacy of an Eldar Striking Scorpions similar weapon this square clumsy looking version was no less deadly in the hands of one of the Mon-Keigh’s angels of death. Cleary injured without use of his other arm and limping the figure bellowed in a metally distorted voice.

“You shall pay for this Xeno scum, FOR THE EMPEROR AND VULKAN.”

Not understanding the words of the call but realising their meaning Lenara vaulted back over a contorted panel into some cover drawing her pistol simultaneously. For all his obvious battle damage her foe was still fast and rushed across the debris directly towards her. He dropped his right green plated shoulder to ram into her cover roaring has he came, Lenara had barely time to fire two rapid shots before he impacted. The shots were good, but not enough to stop him and he came straight through the barrier losing only part of his momentum. The wiring chain blade came down in an arc and almost cleaved Lenara in two. As she rolled to the side and away from her assailant Lenara brought her pistol up for a third shot, and then a forth as she caught him in the chest.

Clearly weakened and worn with injuries the Mon-Keigh was too slow, Lenara’s shots took their toll and he faltered, and then fell. Pausing a second to be sure Lenara shot three more times at his helmet, the last punctured it and she felt the sense of danger past.

After over an hour of carful searching Lenara found the item she searched for, a Mon-Keigh storage vessel that contained something Eldrad had seen would not reach its destination without her intervention. Taking it she raced her jetbike back to her meeting point, thanking the spirits that the planets inhabitants had not yet been attracted to the crash site. Boarding her slender space faring scouting vessel Lenara set course for coordinates in empty space Eldrad had given her to deliver the object.

Monday, 13 February 2012

The Shogunate Brotherhood 1850 List

Well in this mornings post about my converted up Grey Knight I mentioned the names of my force and the source that inspired them (James Clavell's Shōgun). Then I showed the model and gave no names. :facepalm:

Well here is the 1850 list I was referring to and it includes a load of names that I intend to use for my army. Now I haven't ironed out fluff for these guys, as I said when I introduced them last week the inspiration came from a desire to make the models. However I can quite see a version of Samurai's codes of honour being appropriate to the Grey Knights so it feels like a good place to start from.

The List:

The Shogunate Brotherhood

Grand Master Toranaga
            The Willowblade (Nemesis Force Sword)
            Psychic Ammunition, Rad Grenades, Melta Bombs
            The Hatamoto Council (3 Servo Skulls)

5 Daimyo Paladins of the Brotherhood
            A Master-crafted Daemon Hammer
            A Psycannon
            A Halberd
            A Brotherhood Banner
            An Apothacary
            Psychic Ammunition

5 Samurai Terminators of the Brotherhood
            A Master-crafted Daemon Hammer
            A Psycannon
            A Brotherhood Banner
            2 Pairs of Katana (Falchions)
            Psychic Ammunition

6 Samurai Terminators of the Brotherhood
            A Master-crafted Daemon Hammer
            A Psycannon
            4 Pairs of Katana (Falchions)
            Psychic Ammunition

Brother Murasama, Dreadknight
            Heavy Psycannon
            The Tachi (Nemesis Greatsword)

Brother Buntaro, Dreadnought
            Twin-linked Autocannon
            Psychic Ammunition
            Extra Armour

Anjin, Stormraven
            Hurricane Bolters
Psychic Ammunition
Extra Armour


I would love some guidance on the list here, whilst I'm happy with it overall I'm not good with the ins and outs of list building so all tips welcome.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Intro Story 5

Taking his armoured hand away from the Storm Troopers shoulder Tas-Jar nodded a silent thank you to the young solider. Thanks for the sacrifice that he and the few troopers were knowingly going to make to allow Tas-Jar the chance to complete his mission. Many of his kind, even some from his now annihilated squad would not have thought much about the deaths of eight humans. Tas-Jar though was a Salamander, and his chapter knew the value of a man and truly did try to protect them as individuals not just a race. This caring attitude however did not mean anything now though, and the black armoured marine turned as he stood and started running away.

Less than a minute later the sounds of combat caught up with him from deeper within the cavern and Tas-Jar knew that soon he would be the only member of the Ordo-Xenos assault force Noah-5 still alive. Inquisitor Noah Janover had led 20 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers and his own coterie to the planet Karelia alongside Tas-Jar’s own Deathwatch Killteam, Daedalus. Almost 30 of the Imperiums best trained warriors with a range of specialities and four of Tas-Jar’s Battle Brothers, Angels of Death. All dead now, or soon, apart from Tas-Jar and he was not free yet.

Almost one more minute had passed as Tas-Jar loped out of the cave network that was now the tomb to all his allies, the screams behind him were not quite over yet, but the clicking of the Techrantulas behind him was getting closer and he still had over one and a half clicks to reach the assault force’s Thunderhawk. Thanking the Emperor for precautionary doctrines that meant the ship was kept on stand-by during exploratory missions such as this had been. Continuing at as fast a pace as his servo-assisted power armour and enhanced body could carry him Tas-Jar focused on his objective, mourning for his lost Brothers and the dead soldiers could come later, once he was off Karelia.

Cresting the ridge near the ready Thunderhawk Tas-Jar slammed his final magazine of rounds into his bolter. Using his armours internal vox functions he commanded the ships machine spirit to open the assault ramp, then turning half around, he started taking measured shots to maximise effect as he began to retreat down the steep slope. Every round he pumped out took down one of the Techrantulas closing in on him, but they kept closing. Tas-Jar reached the now lowered ramp with the metallic creatures only a couple of feet behind, leaping and climbing over each other with their acidic mandibles stretching out towards him. As he slammed a ceramite armoured glove against the ramp close he felt the shudders of the Thunderhawk s engines coming up to full power and shot his last two rounds at the two closest half meter long creatures, the rest were silenced to him by the closing of the ramp.

As the Thunderhawk, Nights Blood lifted from Karelia ‘s rocky surface Tas-Jar retrieved the containment unit from its magclipped place on his thigh. He didn’t know the details of what the unit was encasing, some piece of Xeno technology that Inquisitor Janover had led Daedalus and his own men here for. More Imperial deaths on the bloody hands of the Xeno, Tas-Jar would avenge his Killteam, as soon as he was next sent to fight from the Watch Fortress. But for now he could only wait, the return to Erioch would take over a week in the Immaterium, with no company but for the mindless servitors maintaining Nights Blood.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Intro Story 4

Well here is the next instalment of the intro story. To follow soon is an update on my Grey Knights, plus a look into Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 as I've been invited to join a game.

“You, Squad two, cover the sides! Don’t let any more of those things get up here.” Inquisitor Janover was trying to keep control of the situation but after entering the tunnel network a short distance from the landing site the situation had been doing its best to stay outside of control. The first casualties had come without even his own psychic powers or any of his trained companions noticing. The sound of the force moving down the tunnels enough to hide what ever happened to the point and rear guards. Then the attacks began, they started with a clattering of metal on the walls around them, the only warning they received before the Techrantulas struck. From that point the mission became a fighting advance, Killteam Daedalus took the point and Noah’s Storm Troopers had been able to keep the lines of retreat clear.

Following the psychic pull he had felt since discovering this mission the Inquisitor led the force along a complex path that went from stone tunnels to metal hallways. The design was xeno and confusing, but even the constant combat and strange local dimmed his sense of purpose. This complex showed signs of massive damage and extreme age, most systems looked to not be functional and many routes were blocked off with wreckage. Entering a large chamber through a fallen doorway Noah declared “This is the place.”  The room was all bare dark metal with a four sided pyramid in the centre, and at the top was a dais. The Inquisitor rushed to the top of the pyramid whilst the troops set to defending the door, he approached the dais and the casket on top with some care feeling immense power rolling out from it. The power was different, neither psychic, nor mechanical but something else. However Noah Janover knew that this was his goal so whilst cautious he was not slow and he studied the locking mechanism on the casket and called over one of his specialists. Bentley, an Adeptus Mechanicus adept immediately set to opening the contraption whilst Noah assessed the situation and shouted his order to the troops of squad two. The press of these Techrantulas was becoming overwhelming and Killteam Daedalus had taken casualties now. Syler was locked in combat with an oversized metallic creature that’s body was longer than the more spider shaped creatures they had encountered so far. Its glowing eyes spoke not of intelligence or fury, simply power and a drone like duty. Noah’s own plasma pistol had taken out the Techrantulas that had closed on the pyramid so far but his men were falling and the robotic xeno defences were unrelenting.

As the situation was looking beyond hope the Emperor shone fortune on the beleaguered force; with the help of a Salamander marine Sergeant Syler slew the beats he fought with. At the same moment the Bentley opened the casket. It cost him his life as the strange energy burst forth, like a lanterns shine it pierced out to fill the room, but much, much darker. This explosion of ungodly shadow was filled with a maddening laughter that peaked and then shot back into its container. When Noah looked in he saw only a black shard of something metallic which he scooped up carefully into a containment unit and sealed away. ‘This will be important, we will need it.’ he thought as he turned to see a Techranutla leap. It knocked him off balance before he could draw his powered blade and left him open for a second creatures attack, which bit deep into his arm through his power armour.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Giant Samurai Grey Knights

First none Deathwatch related post (the story intro will resume after the weekend). I am planning on creating a new Space Marine army, my Knights Templar that got me back into the hobby around '04 time don't look all that special now and after seeing Kromlech's Samurai helmets I knew what I wanted to do.

Samurai Grey Knights!

The reason for picking the Grey Knights codex was the elite nature, I figured this would allow me to focus more on the individual models and keep to my goal of making a force that looks something special. Spending a few days looking for further inspiration I picked up a moulds block to help me create the Samurai look. As I played around with the figure I was pleased, but then I remembered something I'd seen a while back. True Scale Space Marines. Some searching around on the net led me to the works of the Master of the Forge. This guy is amazing and I realise that I won't be achieving anything like his works but they are an inspirational goal.

Artscale Grey Knights by the Master of the Forge.
So to go along side my first box of Grey Knights I went and picked up a box of the Termies as well. This evening as my friend over from England tries out Skyrim I've done a bit of blu-tac trialling and I like what I am seeing.
Artscale Grey Knight next to a regular Space Marine of the Knights Templar Chapter

Friday, 3 February 2012

Intro Story 3

++++Incoming signal++++
++++Priority Level: Epsilon ++++

I shall be meeting with Brother Makradon over the coming days to discuss how the replacement of his arm has affected his efficiency as we approach the annual review of his bionic implants. With this in mind I thought it prudent to inform all of you within Killteam Apache that I will soon be contacting you to evaluate the events since 3400817.M41

+++Be Grateful for the work of the Omnissiah+++

Lenara sped through along the valley base and only the solemnity of her mission stopped her from whooping with joyous exhilaration. The fragile slender jetbike a perfect extension of her body, and her control over it was equally as perfect as she blurred across the landscape. Weaving around rocky outcrops, under overhangs and up over natural barricades on this dead planet. She was one of just a few dozen living creatures on this planet, sent here by the ancient Farseer Eldrad Ultharn himself. Their mission was to recover and powerful piece of technology that was to be found here.

“When the Mon-Keigh vessel returns to the land in fire go to it. There you will find what we seek. Be swift for the Yngirbane dwell on this planet and they are becoming restless. I have seen this and see also that without us the Mon-Keigh will be unable to acquire what they know not yet how much they will need. And we need then to have this equally....


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Intro Story 2

2nd Of Feb and the story continues. Great to get my first comment yesterday, Thank you Captain/Sergeant Tiberius.

Striding across a hanger within the gargantuan Erioch Watch Fortress Inquisitor Noah Janover of the Inquisitions Ordo Xenos nodded a greeting towards the Deathwatch sergeant by the Thunderhawk ramp. Though Noah was a powerful and popular inquisitor he knew he was fortunate to have been provided the services of Killteam Daedalus for this mission. Sergeant Syler of the Blood Angels and his team were renowned for their actions across over 80 missions. Alongside his own retainers they gave him command of a force massively overpowered for a sortie to the dead planet of Karelia.

However, if half of what Noah’s psychic auguries saw or anything he’d found from studies within the renowned Omega Vault came to pass, then the Deathwatch within Jericho Reach would need what the mission aimed to retrieve in the future. That need as what filled his mind, driving him almost with a desperation towards the planet and his goal. Entering the Thunderhawk, Nights Blood, the Inquisitor strapped his power armoured frame into one of the ships harness rigs alongside his 27 companions. As Sergeant Syler rigged up, the ship shuddered and began its journey.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Intro Story 1

Well here we are in February, and today the build up to Deathwatch Round 2 begins.

Over the next few days I'll be releasing a series of (very) short stories that will lead into the coming adventure, I'll also start requesting new character information about our Battle Brothers and detail XP & Renown rewards from last time. It's during this stage that I hope the use of the blog format will really aid Killteam Appache asi it should allow comments to be left and read by all members.

For now however I present the start of the intro story.

Harvin hurried along the corridor, it was not common to be summoned by the legendary Eldrad in recent times and he wished to act upon his new mission immediately. Over the past decades the Farseer had spent more and more time in introverted meditation within the Ulthwe Craftworlds wraithbone gardens. Yet Harvin had been summoned, alongside a ranger that he did not know. The meeting had been brief, Lenara, the ranger had been sent to an ancient Yngirbane planet on a bizarre mission to collect an almost undefined object and deliver to a location that Harvin was not party to.
For his own sake Harvin had received an almost equally unusual task. He was to study the strings of fate, pull them, guide them and force them to assure that a Mon-Keigh; one of that races reviled Inquisition no less went on a certain mission. Information about Lenara’s artifact and its location was to reach one Noah Janover. Harvin knew this would not be easy but equally he knew that the warlocks of his own seer council were talented and devoted individuals, and what he had learnt from Eldrad Ulthran provided plenty of reason for success.