Wednesday, 24 October 2012

#ForgeWorldOnly: Second, Third or Fourth? Jungle or Boarding?

#ForgeWorldOnly: Second, Third or Fourth? Jungle or Boarding?: These are the questions that I'm struggling with at the moment  so I thought I'd turn to the community for advice. Some time soon my first T...

What colour will the pad trims be?!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

#ForgeWorldOnly: Welcome to the #ForgeWorldOnly Blog

#ForgeWorldOnly: Welcome to the #ForgeWorldOnly Blog: Welcome to the #ForgeWorldOnly blog. Here a number of the #ForgeWorldOnly participents will be posting ideas, wip's, photos, queries and all...

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Mantis' Strike - #ForgeWorldOnly

Well a few folk have blogged about this over the past couple of days. Richard the #Warmonger from Twitter’s idea that he threw out last week and that really blew up since then, first Knibbler joined him and now we number a dozen. All of us who are going for it are agreeing to a very slow build 40k army using only (or as near to it as possible) Forge World resin figures. There is a good range of different armies on the planning block right now so we can expect some interesting looking forces to start developing in a year or so.

Personally I’ve chosen the Mantis Warriors Space Marine chapter, specifically the Imperial Armour 10: Badab War part 2 force.
I’ve been a fan of these guys ever since I saw the Tranquillity Campaign snipers back in the day (White Dwarf 101, released a couple of months before I first played Warhammer).
Then I read the Deathwatch novel Warrior Brood which made the Mantis Warriors out to be pretty awesome and victims of their own honour.
Tranq Vet

So with this kind of interest in the chapter I’ve gone to the IA10 book and started studying. The #ForgeWorldOnly plan involves buying units individually and not buying the next one until you’ve completed the painting on the first. The first goal is a 1750pt list, which I will be making up from 1st Company Veterans & the remnants of 4th Company after their savage fighting against Genestealers. This places them at the start of the Badab Wars.

OK, more on the details of my lists and fluff is to come, for now I recommend anyone to search #ForgeWorldOnly on Twitter and check out Richards blog Forge World Only. Let me know below what you think about the idea, the army and any other thoughts you may have.