Monday, 12 August 2013

#speedpaint Sunday 11th August 2013

Yesterday @fantasticgam3s (of & @PVasiljevic on Twitter ran a speedpainting contest. People the world over entered, picking a two hour slot at some point through the day and getting a model from undercoated to showing off.

I recomend anyone to do a search on Twitter for the #speedpaint and checking out what everyone has managed. Here is the Big Meks's page with all of the enteries in the end, . Following are some images of my own Ravenwing VeteranSergent Amariel. I'll chuck in a shot of @MyLuLei's Tombking, as she and @jim_1284 kept me company for my two hours over Skype. 
 ~ two hours ~ 

And from me. 

After the first 45 mins

13 mins to go...

And the desperate last monts have passed. :)

Here are some fancy shots. 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Some Thoughts on Playing the Dark Angels

Now I'm no military or wargaming savant, so don't expect anything ground breaking here. This is still a what I'm up to and what I'm into kind of blog. However, almost all of my hobby time right now, and for this year has been directed to the Dark Angels. As of the Apocalypse game I played in on Thursday evening I've now played 15 games with the new codex and have loved them all. So here are some of my thoughts about what I've used. 

Starting with my list. Most of my games have been at the 1000-1200 levels, that's where the GW games sit and about all my CSM friend can scape together. Below is about 1,500 points that I usually select from, you'll all recognise the core as being Dark Vengeance, although I've expanded pretty extensively on that by now. 

Belial 190
Librarian 65

Venerable Dreadnought 125

10 Tactical Space Marines: plasma pistol; chainsword; plasma gun; plasma cannon. 180
5 Deathwing Terminators: Deathwing Terminator Sergeant (storm bolter; power sword); 3× storm bolter; 3× power fist; chainfist; assault cannon. 245
5 Deathwing Terminators: power fist; 2× pair of lightning claws; 2× thunder hammer and storm shield; assault cannon. 250

5 Assault Space Marines: Veteran Sergeant (bolt pistol; jump pack); power weapon; jump packs; 2× plasma pistol. 140

10 Devastator Space Marines: Space Marine Sergeant (bolt pistol); chainsword; 5× boltgun; 2× missile launcher (flakk missiles); 2× plasma cannon. 220

Imperial Bastion: gun emplacement with quad-gun. 125

Like many a DA player before me I've gravitated towards Belial as my HQ, unlocking the Deathwing as Troops is the main reason, but I have got good value out of his not scattering on Deep Strikes. I have trouble using him however, he is not quite killy enough to go it alone, T4 & A3, these are the stats I find weak. Being doubled out happens too often and I just can't keep him away from all those nasty strong Lords as I'm trying to Slay the Warlord and complete The Hunt (+1vp for killing the Warlord with Belial or his unit).  Plus, only 3 attacks means he takes forever to get through a unit when he isn't fighting the heroes. 
The Librarian is great, with Divination on the Primaris power he is best friends with my Devastator squad and their heavy weapons. I've tried him out in TDA as well, mixed results so far, his un-Lord-like stats have let him down a bit so I expect more of a support role to remain for this guy. 

I've run both Venerable and Unvenerated Dreadnoughts, always with the basic loadout. I lost one once, they seem to do a great job for me, I worry that in larger games they may be too easily picked off as an opportunity target. I've been using him to punch a nasty hole with his multimelta or deal with smaller squads in combat. 

My Tactical Squad is GOLD. They take objectives, defend Bastions, gun down anything approaching and then club the survivors with their Boltgun butts. I tend to have them in combat squads as I need the scoring units for such small point games. However after a recent experiment with the Thrice Blessed [insert angelic choir here] Sacred Standard of Devastation I am thinking of trying some games with more tactical squads. 
The Terminators get the job done, they tend to fall eventually to massed fire, but I feel this is normally only because they are thrown straight on the fire every game. It's great getting them as Troops for  1,000 point games but in a larger engagement then they could return to Elite if it wasn't such a busy slot already, they are too deadly to waste holding objectives. Maybe if I increase the squad size they could live to take something late game?

I feel I often hear stories about SM Assault Squads not being the bomb. My five man squad with plasma pistols often take a casualty or two on the way in but still manage to pull out wins and Sweeping Advances all over the place. They make a great flank strike force whilst I try to be a little careful about who they face. If you face enemies in a building then I recommend racing Hell to Leather to get your Assault Squad there, read up on the grenades thrown in fire points and the laugh at you opponents tears.

My Devastators are normally fielded in combat squads, that way the Flakk missiles can shoot freely at any flyers that may be around. I tend to keep the Sergeant with the plasma cannons to help fix bad scatter rolls. The missile launcher squad likes to sit up in the Bastion with the Re-roll Librarian and the Quadcannon. 

All in all I'm enjoying the Dark Angels on the table, I've rolled out the Deathwing Knights and three man Ravenwing Attack Squad (Dark Vengeance for the win I say) once each so don't feel I know them yet, both worked well enough. What I have tried plays to the fluff perfectly, my Greenwing hold posistions and pump out bolter fire whilst the Deathwing arrive and kill, sadly they tend to die in the process (I guess that's why they paint their armour white). 

If anyone reads this, please let me know what you think of these views, am I missing a trick, have I been crazy lucky with my Assault Squads? Do you play Dark Angels, what are your thoughts? What DA units do you fear meeting? 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Unforgiven

So, veeery little blogging over the past half year. Since I got an iPad for Xmas I almost never use a regular computer anymore. Hence I don't really do the blog thing now. :)
However as anyone who still comes by here may have noticed I posted a Dark Angels battle report in January, this was because I have a Dark Angels army now and have been playing some 40k (15 games in 2013 so far). Most of you that may read this likely know about my Unforgiven from Twitter, but I thought it time to get some pics and details down in more than 142 characters. 

Just before Christmas last year I played through the Dark Vengeance missions with a friend,
And LOVED it, the game was so much fun and the 2+5++ Terminators were awesome. 

So I set about painting the models from the DV set and converting my own Belial to join in Games Workshop Oslo's new year 1000pt campaign 'The Battle for Cardryad'. This involved two weeks of the old codex and then a boost of 6th ed. goodness with the new and improved codex. 

Or in my gullible case...
So new codex in hand, I have plowed through the year painting green, white and black in my ever increasing development of the Dark Angels 4th. Company and supporting units. With the recent release of Apocalypse I really pulled out the stops on glueing and stuck together every Space Marine I had to build the entire company. :)

I'm going to try and have squad posts here as units get completed, but I'll leave you now with my 'complete' army as it stands. A little over 4,000 points, but only about a third of it finished with. 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Battle Report - Task Force Nicodemus


+++Task Force Nicodemus+++
+++Mission Report+++
+++The Defence of Stavron Station+++

Whilst other forces of the Imperium's Crusade were to capture the primary Manufactorum on the planet of Chalice, the Dark Angels led by Nicodemus were sent to hold back an aberrant Tyranid horde moving along the flank of the invading force. The line at Stavron Station was to be held and key points along the battle field controlled to keep supply lines secure.

+++Summary: Codicer Azamader+++

Tactical Squad Delcius and I advanced to the tip of the ridge overlooking the outpost we were to hold. Still behind the defence line the large creatures were advancing towards us, a multitude of chittering 'Gants around their feet. This force was larger than we had been led to believe. Whilst Sergeant Delcius contacted Command about the situation I led his squad in firing upon the Genestealers that I sensed already amongst the buildings. As the creatures fell back away from our point we heard a thunder clap and Nicodemus arrived with his Deathwing squad, resplendent in their bone white armour they lay waste to smaller creatures with bolter fire. Already two of our number had fallen, Brother Nico had perished as he tried to thin the vast horde with excessive plasma fire and I noted that one of Nicodemus' squad had never arrived.

Battle Report 1

The largest of creatures turned towards Nicodemus as it dropped fleshy sacks from its underbelly. These burst revealing even more of the smaller Tyranids, all advancing on the Deathwing. The rest of the Xenos advanced towards the station under fire from squad Delcius. Our fire appeared to injure the Carnefixes maraud ring towards us but they kept advancing.
Nicodemus and his Deathwing charged, stormbolters blazing, into the Gants and slew a great number of them. However I sensed Brother Demian pulled down by their weight of numbers. As the Brood Mother of the Tyranids crashed into that combat, Nicodemus met her with a defiant cry and not a step of ground given to her bulk. He also informed me via suit vox units that he had called Squad Shuro into the stations defence alongside us and to prepare for their arrival via teleportarium soon.

Battle Report 2

As the two Carnifexes came crashing in towards us I sensed a strong malevolence in the fates, first came the fall of Sergeant Drethial besides Nicodemus and then came the crushing claws of the Tyranids ahead of the squad I accompanied. The next I was to know was the throbbing pain of broken bones and blood trying to heal my body. The taskforce's Apothecary was able to revive me after the battle and I learnt how the Tyranids came to pass us by and lay ruin upon the Imperial lines. Not the Dark Angels most shameful moment, but nothing to be proud of either.

Battle Report 3

I learnt later that Sergeant Delcius and his last two squad members were able to hold up the Carnifexes, Tyranid Warrior brood and the last of the Genestealers for the scant moments needed for reinforcements to arrive. Delcius himself slew one of the great beasts with his plasma pistol and the second was laid waste to by the newly arrived squad of Deathwing Terminators. However Sergeant Shuro was eaten alive within his armour by the living rounds of the Tyranid guns, and the vile Warriors rolled over his squad.

Nicodemus suffered a similar fate to me, crushed down by the vast Tyranid leader and left a crumpled wreck as the Hive Mind drove the creatures onwards. Study of Brother Mikel's armour pictcorder footage shows he fought over to Nicodemus' body and defended him until the end. His sacrifice likely saved our commanders life.

+++Report Terminated+++


The wounded survivors of Task Force Nicodemus are resupplying and healing upon the Strike Cruiser Unlimited Wrath before moving on to further assist the Caradryad Crusade.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Time Continues to run Amok

Yes it's once again been a good while since I last posted. I have since the last time had a lovely birthday, Christmas and New Year. On a more hobby related front I have also got a lot together ready for this years Deathwatch, no pictures there though as I don't want to give the game away. Soon I'll be working out a date for that and begin ramping up to the game. First up will be the story of last years game written by Simon.

What I can show however is the 1000 point Dark Angels force I'm putting together for GW Oslo's Battle for the Caradryad Sector ( Here are the wip shots of the army so far. Some day soon I'll sit at a real computer and lay out a propper blog post about how I made my Belial conversion, his alternative backstory and what the army consists of. This was planned out just before the White Dwarf leeks so I now can't wait to see how it all goes.

Well the campaign begins tomorrow so I had better get some sleep, wish me luck for my first real games of 6th. Ed.