Friday, 31 October 2014

Tabletop Workshop Village

I recently received my order through from Tabletop Workshop, a fairly new British plastic terrain company with a great and growing selection of buildings. They have a unique place in the market right now, full on plastic moulded buildings of a high quality and amazing simplicity (all four of my four buildings consisted of just seven pieces each). The first building I built, randomly chosen the Barn, I put together in the car as soon as I picked up the package.

I'd ordered the 28mm Monastic Scenery Set, which for £50 and free shipping gave me four buildings, three making a little farmstead and a stone chapel. Fantastic value and less than ten minutes to put together. I then spent another 20 minutes total filling the five joints in each  roof and walls with greenstuff to have seamless builds. Half an hours work and a few different coloured cans of Army Builder spray and I had a little hamlet looking like the building on the far right in the picture below.

Left is a finished building, middle is wip and the right most building is simply undercoated.

I'm considering spraying the walls of the chapel grey as opposed to this bone/stone colour. I think it'll be easier to drybrush up the detailed surface stones then. I've spoken to Tabletop Workshop on Twitter (@TabtopWorkshop)and got some tips on how to paint the thatch, I haven't quite got it yet perhaps this could be a little lighter? I'd love some comments on the painting. Apart from that though the Barn is finished and I'm pretty happy with the result.

Next up is the stable, here is the roof off for all the inside details.
So what do you guys think? I'm really pleased with the results of just a little work and will defiantly be getting some more of their products. The soon to be launched Castle system looks amazing.

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